Cowcerts for Education

Cowcerts for Education provides a data model for digital certificates to prove that someone has completed their education successfully.

They aim to be a digital replacement for current educational certificates issued on paper, leveraging all digital technologies’ advantages.


Our goals with this standards are to provide:

  • Security: Easy validation of the certificates using digital signatures and blockchain technologies. The identites of both the issuer and recipient are also easily and automatically validated.
  • Shareability: The recipient of a certificate can easily share its educational achievements digitally using their preferred communication channels: social networks, email, instant messaging and much more.
  • Privacy: The recipient is allowed to share just the information they want, as the certificate itself does not contain any personal information or any detail about the achievement like the grades obtained. Certificates’ recipients can choose the amount information they share when sharing the certificate.

Base standards

Cowcerts for Education provides extensions to the following base standards:

In order to get a basic comprehension of the standard, please read our abstract of the base standards: